Project Analysis : Million Dollar Deficit

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Jeffrey Firestein
Dr. Margaret Cawley
February 17, 2016

Million Dollar Deficit

City Manager Don Ford finds a difficult wave of problems when he talks with his division heads about budget problems. He finds unfinished projects and errors, somewhat wrong performance, and a deep budget deficit pressuring to destroy the mayor’s authority. Don, new to the department, can see that his predecessor made the severe bureaucracy of the city even worse by accidentally reallocating people to other branches. Don understands that he needs a substantial investigation of the city’s assignments, a cost benefit analysis that will help him make significant choices about resource distribution. As he creates a system of cross-functional teams where everyone that is aware of a project can add their feedback mutually. His teams need to understand how their projects interact, and they need to overcome any obstacles created to finish those projects. They will also submit with their team leaders, cost benefit analyses on their most significant projects to the City Manager. City Manager Ford will pick the most plans that it is the most important and cost effective projects regards to importance, and get a solid comprehension of the city’s finances in the process. In the case study by Howard Balanoff and Charles Pinto, City Manager Don Ford confronts a list of problems. At first glance, it appears as a variety of difficult problems. They restrict from a number of original…
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