Project Analysis : ' Project 7a ' Session 2

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Project 7A, Session 2
In-Lab Worksheet

Your TA’s name: Grace Yen Your name: Andrew Fargalla
Lab section:003k Your email:
GRADE ____ /40 p Your Lab Partner: Youssef Elsakkary
All work must be well-written and organized. If your penmanship is poor, you must type all responses. If you need to organize your thoughts, please use a separate sheet of paper. A major objective of this lab course is to develop skills in scientific communication. Just having the right “answer” is not good enough – you must communicate clearly and succinctly and use terms and concepts correctly. When typing, all sections must have a line spacing of 1.5 to give room for TA feedback (the document is set to this spacing).
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We increased the amount of Glycerol by 0.2 mL each time.

Task 2 Shelf Life Plot (6 p) In Excel prepare t90 vs. reaction condition plot(s). (If you explored only one variable, you will have a single plot, for several or combined variables, multiple plots may be in order). Paste-in the plot(s) below.

Task 2 Analysis (14 p). Carefully analyze your Results Table and Shelf Life Plot(s) looking for trends. Discuss the trend(s) and how they allow you to predict the best oral ASA formulation that gives the greatest (longest) shelf life while improving such attributes as palatability and ease of administration.
Looking at the results table in the first question the group finds that the kobs at different temperature had different trends. For 52 oC as the amounts of glycerol added increased the kobs value were inconsistent. While at 56 oC as the group increased the amount of glycerol added, the kobs value decreased. The t90 values also had different trends at different temperatures; for the 52 oC the t90 value did the same as the kobs value which is fluctuate around. As for the temperature 56 oC, the group found that that as we
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