Project Analysis : Recycling Waste Materials

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Table of Contents
Executive Summary 2
Introduction 3
Background of the Problem 3
Statement of Purpose 4
Recommended Strategy 4
Review of Literature 4
Discussion 5
Benefits associated with Proposed Strategy 5
Figure 1: Recycleables 6
Costs Associated with Proposed Strategy 7
Figure 2: Estimated cost benefits for between 2017 and 2020. 8
Conclusion and Recommendation 8
References 10

Executive Summary
Efforts to conserve the environment form part of E227 Global Solutions ' corporate social responsibility initiatives. The company needs to reduce its carbon footprint by 25 percent. This report provides a proposal of the strategy …show more content…

Thereupon, employees were requested to come up with proposals about how the firm could reduce its carbon footprint by up to 25 percent. This report, therefore, was prepared in response to this request, and it is intended to provide the management with the ideal strategy that the organization could use as part of the efforts aimed at embracing green initiatives. It is expected that the information contained herein will go a long way in helping the leadership adopt an effective strategy that could be used to realize the company’s objectives as far as conserving the environment is concerned. In this case, the ideal alternative would be to engage in the recycling of waste material.

Statement of Purpose
The primary objective of this research proposal is to provide the division manager, as well as other members of the top-level management team, with information detailing the basics concerning the recommended strategy to be used for sustainability purposes.
Recommended Strategy
The proposed plan involves recycling materials that would otherwise be considered as waste. Rather than getting rid of such materials, the company could invest in techniques and technologies that would allow it to process the same into products that can be reused. Notably, the resources available on the planet are not infinite and, as such, their continuous use poses a risk of having to compete for minimal materials (Parry, 2012). There is a need to ensure that modern companies utilize such

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