Project Analysis : Supply Chain Industry

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In our society, lots industries are experiencing drastic competition so that survival in the future by reducing cost or use lower quality resources. As we know, sustainability operation focuses on how to utilize the resource optimally to produce higher value goods in order to satisfy diversity stakeholders (Brindleyand Oxborrow, 2014). In other words, business organizations should figure out the approach to use the resources, which are preventing our environment and generating less pollution, even if they would be reusable. In supply chain industry, company has to involve several sustainability thinks when they are purchasing raw material, applying diversity technology to produce goods and making delivery plan. For example, supply chain…show more content…
Such as, supply chain manager could adopt several technologies to save the usage of natural resource so that they certainly utilize them in the longer period, although company could pay much more cost in the initial step as business sacrifice. According to Fowler and Hope, social responsibility plays an important role in sustainability operation (2011). This concept drives company to build up advanced control structure and powerful social considering during operation process. In addition, there are increasing numbers of people paying attention on preventing environment and expect to retain suitable environment for future generations, otherwise the worse environment directly destroy our society, even our live place will disappear. Consequently, supply chain manager will involve protecting environment in business process by restrict raw material or manage the produce approach for minimizing the impacting of environment. Under this strategy, GImenez and Ventura strongly propose companies to adopt multiple tools in order to eliminate the negative influence of social environment, given lots of people were died by several pollutions. Furthermore, supply chain manager also make more care about ethical issue. Obviously, people always complaint that they purchase those products, which are not better quality, thus they cannot last longer time. This kind of case certainly destroy customers’ confidence on that
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