Project Analysis : Sustainable Web Design

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Alexandr Ivaschenko Laura Hohlwein General Education Capstone 06/08/15 Sustainable Web Design The need for sustainability in the Internet technology sector is brought about by the fact that the digital economy consumes around 10 percent of the global electricity. The share of electricity by the ICT sector may present a serious consequence to the economy and the environment as a whole. According to research, iPhones consume the same amount of energy as the fridges within a year. Accordingly, there is a dire need for all persons to curb the problem. The current call for sustainable web design is one of the steps aimed at reducing the increased negative impact. This essay discusses the sustainable web design by considering the various views…show more content…
According to Frick, sustainable web design denotes: “… Providing meaningful, efficient web experiences to the widest audience possible for the longest time possible" Binney agrees that web site developers are supposed to find new ways of ensuring that there is a limited amount of energy that is lost to the environment and that the carbon emissions that are normally released to the atmosphere due to Internet usage is substantially reduced. Unlike Alister who lists the ingredients of a green web site, Binney proposes that awareness should be created within the client base; optimization in web use should be encouraged; using more black; and removal of unused files. Frick identifies five trends that the contemporary web developers have been adopting in 2015 to ensure sustainability of web design. The steps include; the removal of large header background images; ensuring that the web site is simpler by taking away the unnecessary design elements; application of large typography, performance and speed; and applying more CSS spites. Frick suggests that failure to follow these five steps only work to make Internet users part of the problem rather than part of the solution they are supposed to be. Lambert on the other hand, proposes that the web design sustainability should focus on the printing aspect. The goal is to make sure that less pages are used when printing a web page. Contents that can be dynamically modified should be modified
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