Project And Attend Executive Update Sessions

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o Are they willing to remain involved with the project and attend executive update sessions? o Where they clear that the project could contribute to the competitive advantage of the firm? o Do they understand the risks and will they be willing to see the project through its rough times? o How much support does top management have among its peers, subordinates and their bosses? o Will they provide support when tough decisions have to be made? (Shore) When working on a global project having the support of senior management both at the international location and the home location make for an easier project flow- you end up achieving many more opportunities that will help you along your project. Promote self-direction and commitment- To deal with this diversified market, companies need to tailor their approach to strategy and execution to each environment in which they operate. And because of the increasing pace of change, they need to constantly “retune” this collage of approaches. But it’s simply not feasible to manage all these shifts using traditional top-down, deliberative decision making. The ability to adjust needs to be woven into the fabric of the enterprise. Share managerial power and influence- Given the political nature of organizations, and the diversity of organizational culture and possible regional differences in managerial style, it appears that power is often shared between managers of the local organization and the project integrator or headquarters

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