Project And Change Management Perspective

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Crowdsourcing: Project and Change Management Perspective

Recently crowdsourcing web-based applications have gain popularity due to public support and representation. Crowdsourcing mechanisms such as Amazon’s Mechanical Turk and other related applications have been routinely used in machine learning applications. Crowdsourcing deployment and management are really demanding and challenging due to the nature of crowd projects. Managers play a significant role in the success of the project. Hence, this research study investigates the project and change management practices and perceptions in the crowdsourcing settings.

In this modern digital era as the physical and digital worlds are becoming universally connected, outsourcing of various tasks to in the form of the crowdsourcing is become popular (Refer to Figure 1). Crowdsourcing is a marketplace for individuals or organizations to source their work either for monetary or non-monetary (voluntary) purposes via internet (web-based service). In general, the idea is to introduce novel or well advanced skill sets or make use of a larger number of people to accomplish some definite task (Alsever 2007; Holley 2009, 2010; Kittur, Chi & Suh 2008). According to Howe (2006), crowdsourcing is “an umbrella term for a highly varied group of approaches that share one obvious attribute in common: they all depend on some contribution from the crowd. But the nature of those contributions can differ tremendously”.…
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