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Crowdsourcing: Project and Change Management Perspective

Recently crowdsourcing web-based applications have gain popularity due to public support and representation. Crowdsourcing mechanisms such as Amazon’s Mechanical Turk and other related applications have been routinely used in machine learning applications. Crowdsourcing deployment and management are really demanding and challenging due to the nature of crowd projects. Managers play a significant role in the success of the project. Hence, this research study investigates the project and change management practices and perceptions in the crowdsourcing settings.

In this modern digital era as the physical and digital worlds are becoming universally connected,
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The main aim of this research is to investigate the advantages and risks associated with crowdsourcing both on project management and change management perspective. Hence, as a project manager for an organization the following issues will be reviewed and discussed in detail, which include:
• Through investigation of benefits and risks associated with crowdsourcing before its use
• Challenges facing the crowdsourcing for outsourcing applications
• Advantages and risk assessment of usage of crowdsourcing from the change and project management perspective
• SWOT analysis of crowdsourcing applications as a management (project management and change management perspective)
Literature review:
Crowdsourcing is an online distributed and problem solving web-based model. In recent years, crowdsourcing has gain popularity due to its structure and the way it is operating. By crowdsourcing enterprises and major companies benefit hugely in terms of innovation and creativity (Brabham 2008; Carvalho, Lease & Yilmaz 2011; Doan, Ramakrishnan & Halevy 2011; Kulkarni et al. 2012; Lease, Carvalho & Yilmaz 2011; Leimeister et al. 2009; McCreadie, Macdonald & Ounis 2010). Moreover, they can ask the members of the crowd to evaluate their design before it goes for production. Some of the examples in this regards include:
•, popular T-shirt company which asks its crowd to submit
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