Project Bread : An Organization

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Project Bread is an organization devoted to help end hunger by creating and promoting programs and fundraisers to raise awareness and advocate on hunger. This organization’s intended audience is on anyone and everyone who can help and support end hunger. Partners, donors, sponsors, and the “tens of thousands of Walkers” fund the Project Bread organization. Walkers are individuals who join in one of their most successful programs called the Walk for Hunger. Walk for Hunger is an annual pledge walk fundraiser that helps bring awareness to hunger in Massachusetts. The main goal to Project Bread is to make healthy nutritional food accessible to everyone, to gather the people in the community and grow together, and to build an efficient food system.
Like many other organizations, Project Bread’s main policy is their privacy policy. They reassure the public that the only information that they will collect will be contact information. They explain that they only trade information with similar organizations but if one is uncomfortable with sharing their information, they could contact them. Although they do not have many policies, they do a lot to advocate legislations and public policies that would help end hunger. For example, in 2010, Project Bread help the School Nutrition Bill limit the sale of unhealthy food in school. I think Project Bread is a great way to raise awareness of hunger; a lot of people don’t realize that many people starve because they can’t afford to buy

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