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BSBWOR502_MEGT - LEAD AND MANAGE TEAM EFFECTIVENESS Summative Assessment 2 Project. An effective and productive team doesn't just happen. It requires structures, support and processes that encourage development. Team building happens over time. When building and developing a cohesive, effective and productive team you need to determine how your team fits and the roles they play in the organisation. Does anything need to be changed? How and when can these changes be put into action? Organisational, strategic and operational plans need to contain suitable mechanisms for supporting team development. As teams grow they need to come to terms with their individual task/ roles, the teams tasks/roles and with one another. They need to…show more content…
Every person has a different level of enthusiasm and willingness when it comes to participation. When you find that there is an employee who doesn't participate as much as they could be you can encourage them by : • Building confidence, giving feedback and encourage them to talk to there team. • Actively seek participation. • Actively develop a sense of ownership. • Give positive feedback. • Reward participation. • Allow co-contribution. • Break tasks down into smaller tasks. • Deal with participation blocking behaviours independently, fairly and discreetly. • Remove any perceived penalties like giving the most capable difficult tasks at last minute which may lead to stress. • Explain in detail the contribution required and what is involved. • Have fun by making it an enjoyable experience to be part of the team. Defining the way a team works is important as it creates a sense of stability, helps prevent confusion, aids communication, enforces standards, makes routine tasks quicker and makes required time frames run consistently. Managers need to give effective feedback to help staff understand what they've done well, identify issues so that adjustments can be made and develop new skills and behaviours to improve performance as an individual and that of the team. Use steps to help you

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