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Individual: Project Budget
Zack Wesley
CMGT - 410

Individual: Project Budget To: Stakeholders From: Zack Wesley Date: 10/19/2012 Subject: Project Budget

This is a proposal for CIO manufacturing training exercises set to begin later this year. In this summary I will discuss milestones, project budget and duration for the budget to give an idea of what kind of time and resources will be needed to accomplish our goal of training our management on the new compliance system. The total duration of the training exercise will comprise 3 months. This will allow time for resources to be coordinated, training teachers to be hired and training software to be integrated. For one hardware purchases will need to be made to accommodate the
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Training software will need to be purchased to account for the training exercises and these will total an estimated 400 dollars.
Actual training will take place over two days so that we can house a large number of employees while working very quickly at training them efficiently. Duration estimated were decided by looking at average training times used by similar businesses and the type of training we are trying to achieve. The overall project budget will be split into 4 quarters to highlight the expenses needed at each time frame. This will help to breakdown the overall budget into smaller more manageable expenses to get more detail into what is being spent and what it is being spent on. These quarterly expenditures will do a lot to keep costs as efficient as possible and provide a closer look at how these resources are being divided. There will be a total of 15 managers participating in this training exercise and each one will have things such as hardware resources, food, flight expenditures as well as trainers and consultants to help them along the way. This will leave nothing left to chance and provide all available resources to complete the training in a fast and efficient way. While many of these figures are close estimates there will be unused expenses toward the end to allow for fourth quarter expenses to be provided for if need be. The three month project will account for all stages of the training process from beginning to end for estimated grand

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