Project Case : Closure Of A Project

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Project Case Study Closure John Huddle 09 August 2015 Project Case Study Introduction A project may close for various reasons like the achievement of its primary objective. From the beginning, the business should know its criteria for closure, the existing difference between the uncompleted and completed project as well as stopping a project from always dragging. The closure of a project consist of verification of the criteria for closing a project, project evaluation report verification as well as close out transition checklist of the project. This enables the managers to check out whether these documents have been compiled and archived into the files of the project well so as to retain the information needed for use in future undertakings. During the closure of a project, all the activities of the project are formally completed, and all the deliverables and the result are turned to the final consumer. The closure of the project begins soon after the clients accept the majority of the deliverables of the project. However, at times the project might be premature or unsuccessful. In all the above cases, the managers of the project and the team should obtain a closure before they move to the next assignment. Also, the stakeholders, clients, and the team will be concerned with the closure of the project as well as their immediate future. In such a case, the following situations are mostly common. • Members of the team are always concerned about their next
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