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Project Charter Example Project Name: LMT/PEL LIMS Deployment Project Prepared by John Doe and Mary Smith Date: 8/22/06 |Initiation: | | | |LABORATORY INFORMATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS (LIMS) DEPLOYMENT | | |February 6, 2006 (Supersedes the December 15, 2005 general LIMS Deployment Charter) Operating Group Task #95: Provide Plan for | | |LIMS deployment at Facility A and funding plan.…show more content…
| | | | | |PEL | | |An initial needs assessment of the PEL lab and user-base will establish the basic functionality of the LIMS for this project. | | |Enhancements will be developed separately and not be included in this project. Once the basic functionality has been documented | | |and approved by the PEL, its users, the Customer, the Informatics Group, and the Project Manager, changes will not be made to the | | |scope without the written approval of the PEL head and the Informatics Group Project Manager. | |Approach: | | | |Standard development process

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