Project Charter

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Practice Management System for EHR

For Dr. Jean Simmons

Project Charter

Review Draft Approved by Project Team

Table of Content Strategic vision 3 Project Overview 3 goals and objectives 4 Project Scope 5 Deliverables 5 Project Design Assumptions 5 Time Line of Key Project Milestones 7 Project Organization 8 Team Members 8 Roles 9 Project management 10 Risks & Risk Management Approach 10 Issue and Scope Management 12 Communication Plan 12 signatures 14

Strategic vision
The mission of the clinic is included here..

The project vision is to invest in people, business process improvements, technology
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* The EHR system needs to be flexible to change with business, data, billing, and reporting needs. An "open" database with the ability to analyze data and generate reports on all data elements that are captured and stored in the system is desired. Ease of reporting with a commercially available report-writer is a must.

* The EHR system needs to have the ability to effectively navigate the EHR system using both keyboard commands and a mouse.

* The application must be compatible with current technology standards to enable interoperability with other applications, ease of reporting and access to data for research, analysis, and reporting.

* The vendor must demonstrate stability, longevity, and a strong, proven record of excellent customer support.

* The vendor and product must demonstrate proven knowledge and experience in California in similar setting as ours, including services, regulatory and funding.

* The application must support multi-site scheduling and integrate with use of a call center.

* The EHR system must have the flexibility to offer web-based functionalities that will allow us to take advantage of new business models, to gain productivity advantages through online appointment functionality, and to leverage the capabilities of the Internet within the system.

* The technical architecture of the EHR system must

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