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Pulp Mill Pumping System Upgrade Project Charter Document History: Date Version # Author(s) Description of Changes 28 Sep 2004 00 K. Law Initial Draft Table of Contents 0. Purpose of This Document 3 0.1. Document Purpose 3 0.2. Reviewers 3 1. Executive Summary 4 1.1. Project Background, Purpose and Objectives 4 1.2. Business Needs 4 1.3. Schedule 4 1.4. Cost 4 1.5. Key Project Stakeholders 4 1.6. Authorization to Proceed 4 2. Project Framework 5 2.1. Project Background 5 2.2. Business Needs/Justification 5 2.3. Detailed Project Objective 5 2.4. Project Sponsor/Stakeholders 5 2.5. Scope 5 2.6. Assumptions 6 2.7. Constraints 6 2.8. Budget 6 2.9. High-Level Project Risks 6 2.10. Critical…show more content…
1.3. Schedule The project is expected to start on March 1, 2003 and be completed in 8 months. 1.4. Cost The budget estimate for the overall project is $500,000 CDN. 1.5. Key Project Stakeholders This section summarizes the key project stakeholders. The key stakeholders of this project are: • Project Manager (Kim Law) • Client 's Representative (Jim Brown) • Project Team • Weyco Kamloops Maintenance Workers (end users who will install, repair and maintain the system) • Weyco Kamloops Control Room Operators (end users who will operate the system) 1.6. Authorization to Proceed This Project Charter is approved and accepted by the Executive Sponsor and the Client. Before granting approval to proceed, all signatures requested in section 1.5 must be obtained. By signing this document, the following people authorize the project to proceed based on the scope of work, project schedule and costs documented in this Project Charter: Signature: Date: Executive Sponsor Jack Dosenberg, P.Eng. Client Representative Jim Brown,P.Eng. 2. Project Framework 2.1. Project Background Weyerhaeuser Company (the "Client") produces over 800 tonnes of pulp daily at its Pulp Mill located in Kamloops, BC. The operations staff at the Kamloops Pulp Mill is experiencing reliability problems in their thick stock pumping system on one of the

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