Project Charter for Payroll System

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1 Project Background 1.1 Problem/Opportunity Description The following problems or opportunities listed below are organizational problems that the proponents discovered after analyzing the process of not having a system for employee’s payroll: Manual Payroll can’t handle large numbers of employees; Multiple works and positions of an employee makes the payroll more complicated; Searching of data (Data Mining) when particular data is needed due to an urgent matter can be very hard for both employees and owner of the business firm; Difficulty in managing and recording of information on work schedule, hours worked units of pay, deductions and leave of absences, distribution of exact amount of wages and salaries in manual payroll…show more content…
Project Deliverable Work Products/Description Manage data of employees Create a system that will ensure the management of employee’s data Ensure that the computation of salaries will be accurate and will not affect or interrupt other related processes in the system Create a database and specialized table that will generate an accurate computation of employee’s salaries Objective 2 – A system that can provide a flexible system that can easily modify a response to any altered circumstances or conditions. Project Deliverable Work Products/Description Provide a system that can modify a response to any possible circumstances, conditions, or situations that may occur in future Consider situations and possibilities to the risks that may be encountered on payroll and create a risk management solution. Objective 3 – A system that can ensure the safety of data from other possible circumstances that may result to corruption and loss of data. Project Deliverable Work Products/Description Ensure data security Provide a secured database. Back-up and archive all the transactions and reports every day. Provide trusted and effective anti-virus software to avoid corruption or immediate loss of files. Objective 4 – A system that have a user-friendly

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