Project Closure and Oversight Essay

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Topic: | Project Closure and Oversight | Topic Objectives: | By the end of this tutorial you should be able: * To appreciate the importance of engaging in project reviews * To identify the major elements of a project review * To understand key issues surrounding project closure * To provide useful advice for conducting performance reviews of project members. * To develop an appreciation for the value of lessons learned * To provide a primer of retrospective methodology * To encourage students to pursue a career in project management * To understand the operational environment in which you execute your project * To identify and discuss major challenges confronting …show more content…
Performance reviews are intended to encourage changes in behavior, encourage career development, and support continuous organizational learning. These reviews focus on social and technical contributions the individual contributed to the project team. For example, the 360-degree feedback process has been used successfully to improve the ability of people to work on teams. As long as performance reviews are not directly related to pay and promotion decisions, such reviews are more readily accepted and even perceived as positive for the individual and organization.Since pay reviews can result in negative or positive outcomes for a career, they are perceived as very serious by most individuals. Pay reviews should be more carefully structured and based on clear standards and criteria known to the person being evaluated. Every attempt should be made to avoid confrontation. 4. Advocates of retrospective methodology claim there are distinguishing characteristics that increase its value over past lessons learned methods. What are they? How does each characteristic enhance project closure and review? * Uses an independent facilitator. The facilitator is held responsible for identifying and implementing lessons learned. Independence encourages gaining more information from stakeholders. * Includes a minimum of three in-process learning gates during the life project cycle. These gates catch problems and success

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