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She looked pale, lethargic, and dishevlled sitting in her wheelchair. The pungent odor from her 2 week old gauge was beginning to fill the room. It was clear she was suffering from a medical condition which was being poorly managed. Omar Staples,PA-C removed the bandages and the once fluid filled lesions had burst open and the contents were permeating the gauge causing a decaying odor. This patient was suffering from cutaneous complications due to poor management of her diabetes. Watching Omar talk to her while he was changing her bandages allowed me to observe why patients felt more relaxed and comfortable about sharing their health care concerns with him. I felt a deep sense of empathy for this patient that I had felt before as an undergraduate volunteering with the 'Adopt-a-grand person ' program. As project coordinator I worked to alleviate the loneliness among senior citizens in various nursing homes within New Orleans through games, arts & crafts, and friendly conversation. I am from Richmond, CA a low-income underserved community in Northern California. Richmond is a city filled with constant gun violence and below standard resources for healthcare. By observing the inadequecities in my community I am able to understand first hand the problems associated with socioeconomic inequalities. As a single parent with barely any education, my mom often became verbally abusive towards my sister and I. Our survival relied on government assistance and various small jobs my

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