Project Cost Management

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|MBA 513 – Project Cost Management | |Project Manager: Manager or Leader? | |How the collaboration of management and leadership skills makes a great Project Manager. | | Ednaline Concepcion | |12/12/2009 | To Be or Not To Be…A Successful Project Manager There is no question that one of (if not) the most important aspect ultimately determining of project success…show more content…
Leadership is multifaceted. There are some individuals that are great visionaries who excel at exciting change in people. Too often though, these same people lack the discipline or patience to deal with the day-to-day grind of managing. Likewise, there are other individuals who are very well organized and methodical but lack the ability to inspire others. The SBA also states that “managers are very good at maintaining the status quo and adding stability and order to our culture” while “leaders are very good at stirring people 's emotions [and] raising their expectations” (SBA 2009). Having the capability to maintain project stability while empowering those involved toward effective project completion, are invaluable traits to any successful project manager. By reinforcing these abilities effectively overtime, the project manager can better recognize the need to manage interfaces and sustain social networks throughout the term of production. Don’t Forget About Your Project Stakeholders As stated prior, project success depends on the cooperation of a wide range of individuals, many of whom do not directly report to managers themselves. A significant project will likely involve in one way or another working with a number of different groups of stakeholders. Depending on the nature of the project, there are a number of different groups outside the organization that influence the success of the project. The most important is the customer for which the
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