Project Costing, Risk Evaluation, and Quality Control

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Project Costing, Risk Evaluation, and Quality Control Precious Reid Managing Human Resource Projects – HRM 517 Professor Lowe August 21, 2009 Review A strategic focus for the firm is to have employees that are well trained, ready to solve problems, and attend to customer needs. The Human Resource department has been tasked to estimate the project cost and evaluate the project risk, as well as, design a plan to monitor the project quality for the project that will address the training needs of the employees. Today we will focus on project costing, risk evaluation and quality control for a Project Plan for Blackboard Software Implementation. 1. Cost estimating methods most appropriate for use in estimating training project cost…show more content…
The team also discussed possible constraints and assumptions when trying to come up with a proper estimate of cost for the program. Estimated project training start up (fixed) cost consisted of the following: * Management time to coordinate the development of the training. There was no management time lost in the coordination of this training project. Time was allotted within the regular work day for faculty and students to have training. $0 * Marketing cost to get faculty and students interested. There was an ongoing marketing campaign for close to a year which included email, regular mail, and television advertising of the change in online education using Blackboard. $5,000 * Educational Equipment. Education equipment for the training team was on hand at the organization and there was no need to purchase anything additional. $0 * Materials for display. Training team developed materials for display to encourage student and faculty to have advance knowledge of the new training that was being developed. $430 * Purchase of training hardware, software program with technical support for 2 years. The organization had to purchase hardware that would be available 24 hours of the day and meet the needs of over 19,000 students as they conducted their education via the computer web based program of Blackboard. The organization had to identify an entity that could monitor the computer server for

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