Project Deliverable 1

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Project Deliverable 1: Project Plan Inception
By: Justin M. Blazejewski

CIS 499
Professor Dr. Janet Durgin
21 October 2012

In an uber globalized market of today, companies are faced with challenges in each and every step of their business. Our analytics and research services are geared towards giving those companies that extra edge over the competition. We process and analyze terabytes of data and break down all the fuzz and chatter around it to give our customers meaningful insights about their competition and the market they are engaged in.

By leveraging our data collection, processing, and research and analytics expertise and by focusing on operational excellence and an industry standard
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Detailed company and Industry based research
Tear Sheets and Company profiles.
Analysis of value chain, Stocks, Shareholdings and SWOT
Benchmarking of Industries and detailed sector reports
Business Intelligence
Market entry and positioning strategy
Trend Analysis and future predictions
Economic and Demographic studies
Corporate Finance and M&A Support

Support for preparing of Pitch Book
Benchmarks and Comparisons, LBO Models
Valuations and Financial Analysis
Equity Research
Financial Models and Predictions
Research Reports
Summaries of Earnings
Market research and end-to-end solution provider to corporate and research houses. Survey Design
Researching proposal
Compiling proposal
Designing questionnaires
Survey Management
Survey Programming (Web)
Conducting Web Surveys
Online Panel Management

Data Management and Processing
Data Processing
Scripting and Coding
Data Transcription
Validating Data
Content Analysis (for Qualitative DIs and GDs)
Presentation/Report Writing
Validation of Report
Charting the Tabulated data
Presentation reports on major presentation software
Market Research Analytics
Brand Modeling
Consumer Modeling
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