Project Delivery System For The State Of Texas

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FINDINGS This paper is an attempt to satisfy the needs of an owner to make an educated decision in choosing a project delivery system for their project. With the introduction of Bridging method of project delivery, it is a challenging task for the owner to make a decision about the most suitable method of project delivery for the geographic location of their project. As, it requires historical data about performance of similar projects or the owners can obtain data from research conducted by scholars/organizations. 5.1 Comparison of PDS based on project data from private industry A comparison of 2009 ENR Best Projects in Texas to determine the impact of Project delivery systems that are commonly used in the state of Texas. The project…show more content…
Unit Cost ($/SF): Mean construction cost in US dollars required to build one square foot of the facility. The formula to calculate the unit cost is: Unit Cost = As-Built Construction Cost / Size of the Facility in SF The mean unit cost values of the projects ranged from approximately $100/SF to $400/SF, and the comparison clearly depicts that using the Bridging method of project delivery has given the lowest mean cost in comparison to other project delivery systems. ii. Cost Growth: Cost growth is the percentage mean change in the cost of the project as compared to the contracted cost of the project. The formula to compare the cost growth is: Cost Growth = (Contracted construction cost – As-built construction cost) Contracted construction cost The mean cost growth in cost of construction when compared to the contracted cost is the highest in Design-bid-build and is the lowest in Design-build. The approximate values of mean cost growth lies around 3% to 9%. iii. Delivery Speed (SF/month): Average SF construction that was delivered in one month divided by 30 days. The range of delivery speed lies approximately between 5000 to 13000 SF/month. D-B-B has the lowest delivery speed and D-B has the highest. iv. Schedule Growth (%): Schedule growth is a percentage of increase in the duration of the project compared to as-planned duration. It is computed using the following formula: Schedule Growth = (As-planned
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