Project Description Of A Business Case

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• Project description It includes project’s needs like design objectives, benefits, risks, issue and project’s initiation, background of the project, timeline, project’s financial aspects, identification of the stakeholders and so on(Rouse).
• Cost-benefit analysis
This section helps in evaluation of the financial aspect of the project. It helps in finding the economical options for solving the problems. It includes both financial and non-financial benefits due to the proposed project. To illustrate in details, different charts and drawings are presented (Rouse).
• Recommendations In this step, a system analyst, who prepared business case, make a recommendation for the best option of the solutions. If there is any modifications
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All of them are effective and good for the preparation of the business case. Template one from national innovation center focuses on each and every point about the business. It helps in exploring the business needs and outcomes in good manner. Here, executive summary is short and to the point. Market analysis, risk and sensitivity analysis are done in vivid manner. However, many subheadings and contents are used in this template. Therefore, it is little bit time consuming on the analysis of the business case. A business case template two from outlines how to carry out the public- private partnership project. The template provides the systematized approach for evaluating and exhibiting public- private partnership project. It exhibits the business needs in great details. However, financial parts relating to the business dealing, stakeholder and cost analysis is not clear. Third template from the spice-works describes the business case in a simple and straightforward manner. It tries to emphasis how the business case work, and how it plays vital role in the initiation of the project. This business case looks good enough to convince management that the proposed project is worth full and beneficial. Every points in this business case template looks simple, clean and more compelling which helps easily in the approval for the project. It explains the problem; pinpoint the possible choices to

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