Project Description Of Conifex Timber Inc.

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Project Description

Conifex Timber Inc. is a small Canadian forestry company that has forestry harvesting, sawmill operations and a bioenergy generation plant in two remote northern communities in British Columbia. Conifex administration and sales offices are located in more urban areas of Prince George and Vancouver. Conifex is a strategically growing company and has also recently purchased forestry manufacturing assets in Arkansas, USA.
Operating in remote communities there is a drastic human resource challenge to attract and retain qualified personnel. The two communities in which Conifex operates also has several other larger more established forestry companies that compete for the same talent.
Conifex has identified the need to improve their ability to attract new talent, retain employees and build a stronger employer brand to compete for scarce qualified applicants. Conifex group of companies currently does very little by way of establishing a company brand for potential employees to recognize them as an exceptional employer choice. The recruitment efforts are essentially antiquated to posting an open position description on an internal bulletin board and placing an advertisement in the local paper. Then passively waiting for applications to be email to the office location.
Conifex would like to explore the use of the E-Recruitment module of ADP Workforce Now, to solve the issues Conifex has with attracting, recruiting and retaining potential candidates.

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