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Project Design Plan
This experiment asks the question, “What paper towel is more absorbent for the price per sheet?” Will the more costly paper towels absorb a bigger spill therefore giving the consumer reasoning on buying the higher priced paper towel? This experiment will examine the absorbency of three different brands of paper towels and then compare the results to the price of the product to find the absorbency value. First, we will purchase one roll from three different brands of paper towels from the same store at retail price. It’s important to purchase the products at full cost or note what the normal
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One experiment was done by Sissy Rodriguez where she took 4 brands of paper towels and tested how absorbent each brand was. Her findings were the generic brand absorbed more than the leading brands (Rodriguez, 2013). Another study was done by Amber Sainz. Her experiment was on how absorbent three major brands of paper towel were. Her findings were out of three major brands (Brawny, Bounty and Scott) Scott absorbed the most (Sainz, A. 2012).

Experimental Procedure * Purchase three rolls of different brands of paper towels. * Get a Notebook or piece of paper for data recordings. * Record the three brands of paper towels on you data sheet. * Cut equal pieces from each brand. All three sheets must be exactly the same size. * Fill a medicine or eye dropper with water. * Place paper towel over clear glass bowl with rubber band holding it in place. * Now squeeze one drop of water at a time onto the paper towel. * Count the number of drops the paper towel would absorb before starting to drip into the clear glass bowl. * Record your results. * Repeat with the other two brands.

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Design Reasoning
The reason for the plan of this experiment is not only to find out which brand has better absorbency, but
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