Project Development Department Of The Construction Company

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Task 1a
Formulate and record the outline of project proposal that will be submitted by project development department of the construction company.
My proposed project is to build a R. C. C building which is situated at No.68, Taw Win road, 9 Mile, Mayangone Township Yangon Myanmar. Victoria Hospital capacity is 250 beds located within a four-story building. Its landscaped gardens features create a green and tranquil environment that is conductive to patients’ recovery and rehabilitation. The interior design is colorful and intentionally non-institutional looking to brighten up the patients. Its white and green color creates a vibrant, cheerful and friendly ambiance for everyone, especially the patients.
Legal feasibility study
Firstly, the
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Social feasibility study
Since it’s situated around field, by relaxing in this hospital it can get fresh air and nice views. Moreover, it’s located in one of the main point of Yangon, easy for transportation and can also see the glorious view of MinDaMa Pagoda every day. Since it’s near to many food places and markets, there is no need to worry about emergency cases and to buy things. For recreation I can also go to the hospital park and pool, which is located in front of hospital and behind, to take a walk or to hang out with families.

Project specifications
The stories include ground floor level, 1st to 3th floor level and roof level. The ground floor level is including doctor rooms, patient room, toilet, emergency hall and reception counter and waiting area. All the levels have three staircases and four lift to connect level by level. 1st to 3th floor level has patients master room, patient’s single room, operation room, staff room and store room. The foundation contains 15000 GALS ground water tank, septic tank, and elects rooms. It is mainly designed to get good ventilation and natural light.
In the basement, there is a Ground Water Tank (15000 GALS) for water supply. There is a Septic Tank in the basement. The waste water will be drained into the public drainage system. The dustbins are going to be put at each level for disposing waste. For electricity, the most modernized facilities will be set up. Fire escape staircases are being constructed for emergency
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