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In Cerberus Corporation, a new project had been started in 2 years ago. Susan Steele was appointed to be the project manager for her first time in job and her project was to transit the old-modeled office furniture to the new corporate standard due to ergonomics issue. Susan was formed in a team with 4 other team members who are responsible for different aspects respectively. Recently, Susan had faced a disagreement with the Photographic Chemicals Division’s (PCD) manager, Jon Wood. She rejected Jon’s idea on the movement of the old cabinets as they are not complying with the new corporate standards. Both managers are being obstinate and against to change their view.
Integrating others ideas.
In this case, if I were Susan, I would
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Throughout the discussion, I will recommend having a brain-storming session to generate possible solutions. After gathering a list of new ideas, the group can start evaluating and analyzing on the pros and cons for each ideas together and it should be based on minimizing the cost as cost is the most important aspect for PCD. Come up with the ideas that can get everybody consensus is the final objective.

Things do to avoid problem happens In order to avoid the disagreement and tensions created in the meeting, Susan should adopt changes in the way her teams working with different departments. Firstly, in the defining stage of the project, Susan should not only arrange Cindy to meet with Richard at the beginning. This may cause confusion and misstatement in the project planning since Cindy is only responsible on the moving coordination, she may miss the accounting issues and the safety design of the office furniture. Consequently, Susan should organize a kick-off meeting with Jon and Richard and all the team members including Jeff, Gretchen, Cindy and Kari to help everybody understanding the project overview and further addressing their interpersonal concerns about how to cope with the rest of the team members throughout the project. Being the project manager, she should provide the information of the project including the cost and the policy that each moving departments need to comply. This can help Ron and Richard to know their
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