Project Duration And Critical Path Analysis

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CIS5200 EPPAKAYALA SOMARAJU 14/12/2015 ASSIGNMENT 1 SYSTEM ANALYSIS Table of Contents Abstract 3 SYSTEM ANALYSIS 4 Organizational Model 4 Interviewing persons 5 Senior software developer objectives. 5 Development manager. 5 Divisional head. 6 Junior software developer 6 Assistant manager. 6 Intern objectives. 6 Interview question set 7 Senior software developer. 7 Junior software developer. 7…show more content…
want to implement information technology infrastructure in their business organization. The proposed information technology system needs to be maintain and fulfilled the requirement from Personal trainer Inc. Organizational Model Personal trainer Inc. carries chain of command in a top-down approach so that they can maintain the integrity of their system (Bacon, 2013). CEO of personal trainer Inc. is the main key person of entire organization. Under CEO there are three division bottom up – Software department, Research and development or R&D department and supply and logistic department. Software department is totally responsible for any type system matrices(Eric Kirkland, 2014). Software department is supervised and maintained by a senior software developer. Apart from information system development personal trainer Inc(Etalle and Zannone, 2014) have another development department is present, Research and development department or R&D department(, 2015). Main task of R&D is to maintain the international standard and improvement of services. R&D department is cautiously monitored and maintained by development manager. The last and more important depart of personal trainer is logistics and supply department(Hsiung, 2015). Logistics and supply department is the backbone of company. This department is served by a divisional head. Software department is maintained by three junior software developer engineer under supervision of senior
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