Project Estimation Techniques And Methods For The Data Collection Process Essay

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1 Research Methodology This research has been based on a specific method in order to achieve the concerned research. The concerned research requires to investigate that to what extend improvement can be made in project estimation techniques and methods in Dubai (UAE) by following United Kingdom’s methodologies. This requires that the researcher should be having the proper understanding of the research that has been taken into consideration by them. Moreover, the research methodology that would be followed in this research would be based on the process of gathering the relevant data from the required sources and then investigation the issue through it by employing the appropriate data analysis method. Concerning the further research methodology related aspects they are provided below: 1.1 Research Design Lewis (2015) determined that the research methods are used as the tools for the data collection process. There are various methods of collective data with respect to the research design selected. The selected research design to be applied to a study is cross-sectional design, which means that the sample would be used once for this research only, but the purpose could be continued to further researches in future. The research approach that has been chosen for this dissertation is qualitative because the method for the collection of the data is going to be questionnaire based. This would be leading to the analysis of the data collected through questionnaire. The
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