Project Evaluation and Prioritization

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Project evaluation and prioritization Most organizations are faced with the problem of allocation of resources that are most often limited across the projects within the organizations. Before any allocations are made there are various propositions that are made within the organization by individuals or organizational units who are the proponents of the projects due to the fact that resources are limited there is need to select particular projects which will be considered first this is what is termed as prioritization of projects. Before these decisions are made there are various factors that need to be considered. In order for the organizations to be sure on the projects to capitalize their funds on, they are required to prioritize the projects that have been proposed. This is a difficult process since the evaluation of specific projects often requires detailed technical knowledge This paper will therefore look at the various data collection tools and methods used by an organization when evaluation and prioritizing projects. When collecting data for evaluation purposes, the methods used should best fit the organization so as to provide that particular data necessary or required. Therefore, the data collection methods to be decided upon are those that are feasible when it comes to time and budget allocations of the organization. The best choice of the method to be utilized should be that which answers questions of evaluation and prioritization in both quantitative and
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