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Anthony Rochester BU105 Anita Desuoza A Two case Applications 11/22/15 Miller-Motte College Online Two Case Applications Anthony Rochester 11/22/15 Anita desouza 1.Describe the findings of Project Oxygen using the functions approach, Mintzberg's roles approach, and the skills approach. I feel the function approach is one of the methods used in classification of activities that occur in marketing processes by breaking down the processes into functions. A marketing function is defined as a major specialized activity performed in accomplishing the marketing process, buying function, transportation function, processing…show more content…
I myself would like to work for a company like google after school because the environment working for them is amazing. What I mean is they let you have creativity over all your projects and let you be on your own unless you need help. Two Case Applications 1.Find a list of all 10 Zappos corporate values. Pick two of the values and explain how you think those values would influence the way employees do their work. The Two values I have chose is be adventurous creative, and open minded and create fun and a little weirdness. The reason I chose these two is because I feel that you get your work done when you are creative and funny. You get a lot of work done when you do this instead of being boring in a sense. 2.Using this list of corporate values and Exhibit 2-5, describe Zappos organizational culture. In which areas would you say that Zappos culture is very high (or typical) ? When using the list of corporate values and Exhibit 2-5 I feel that the area of Zappos organizational culture is very high is stability and attention to detail. The reason why is because Zappos has stability has one of their culture values. The owner of the company is trying to make the employees and the customers feel good. 3.How did Zappos' corporate culture begin? How is Zappos' corporate culture maintained? The corporate culture began 1 year after the company opened up by Tony Hsieh who was hired in 2000. Corporate culture is maintained by the use of the values that
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