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STUDENT TRANSFER REQUEST Students are expected to attend the school to which their residence is zoned, except in unusual circumstances. Transfer requests must include a completed Application Form, Proof of Current Address, Photo ID, a Letter stating the reason for the desire to transfer and any accompanying documentation requested. Transfer requests are only considered for the four areas listed below. Childcare, Employee Option, and Programmatic transfer requests are only considered March 1 –May 1st annually. Applications will not be considered for schools that DO NOT have space. 1. CHILDCARE Students in kindergarten through 8th grade only. All adults responsible for the student(s) work full-time or have full-time obligations outside…show more content…
Ed.   Grade Level _________ _________ _________ _________ _________            Is this a renewal? Yes / No Last application date? _________ Have you submitted any paperwork for the current school year before now? Yes / No Are any student(s) above suspended or expelled? Yes/ No If yes, please name ______________________________________________________________ Please Read the Following Carefully and Initial Each Line ______ Parents/guardians must provide transportation for approved transfer requests. ______ Transfers made without an actual change of residence by the parent/legal guardian may interrupt a student’s athletic eligibility in grades 7-12 for one calendar year. Please consult
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