Project Future Book Report

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Walt Disney World Resort is known worldwide and is a widely popular vacation spot to millions of families every year. Though so many people know about this central Florida destination, very few know just exactly how it came about. In his book, Project Future, Chad Denver Emerson describes in detail the process Disney and his team went through in order to make his dream a reality. From finding the location for the project to finalizing legislations, Emerson recalls the efforts put in by so many and the difficulties they faced while doing so. Through this book, we see just how state and local government were put into use during the development of Project Future. With the huge success of Disneyland, Walt Disney became interested in working on another project on the East Coast. He had received many letters inquiring a Disney expansion in their state or city, but the majority received a response from Disney stating that he was not interested. Although, there were rare occasions when Walt’s interest did pique, particularly in Niagara, New Jersey, and St. Louis, but nothing more than a few meetings and visits came out of this. One major problem with these locations is that the winter weather would require indoor…show more content…
Having personally been there numerous times, I can honestly say that Walt Disney did such an amazing job in immersing you into a completely different world that the thought of how it all came to be never crosses your mind. When reading this book, it came as a surprise to me that Walt Disney World Resort is its own municipality and that it took years beforehand for it to actually become that. Walt Disney worked effortlessly at this project and the fact that he never was able to see his next big dream become a reality is truly tragic. The story of the creation of Walt Disney World is surely a unique way to describe the use of state, local, and federal
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