Project Harmony Research Paper

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One act of service that really changed my outlook on life was making blankets for Project Harmony. Project Harmony is on organization located in Omaha that tries to protect and support children who have been abused. They are equipped with a large range of staff from medical to forensics in pursue of help every child no longer be a victim and seek the help that they need. Every year around late fall, early winter my summer softball club team and I spend two weekends making as many fleece blankets as we can for those at Project Harmony. I say it really changed my outlook on life I remember thinking before we even started making the blankets how long it was going to take and that I had better things that I could have been doing. So already off the bat I went into a situation with a negative mindset. …show more content…

I grew up making these kinds of blankets all the time so I was finished with one blanket while some of my teammates were still trying to cut strips into one of the four sides. At the beginning while we were making the blankets we did not really know who were making the blankets for, so once we were educated about who this was going towards the “having better things to do” did not matter anymore. It really put things into perspective that making blankets was not going to be the end of the world. In fact, it was one of the least things that not only my team, but that I could do. I was actually ashamed and embarrassed of myself for acting the way I did and not wanting to be that team player. There I was with a group of girls that I loved all because I was blessed with privilege to play the sport that I love and then I had the nerve to complain about doing a nice act for someone who is need of having a smile on his or her face. At the end of the day it was really nice to know, or at least hope that this small act of kindness could be the difference between having a bad day versus a good

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