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Project Hope for the Homeless

"I work off and on. Mostly day work is all there is. Used to be a teacher. I'd like to find a good job, but how? When you're on the street, you've got one set of clothes, two if you're lucky, and they're always dirty. No place to shave, shower, clean up. And any job that's decent will ask for an address, phone number, a driver's license. It's hard to break out of the cycle and into focus. " --Mark (a homeless person)

Mark is just one of the estimated 1.2 -2 million people who experience homelessness each year, about 760,000 people are homeless each night (Homeless Youth). When we looked at these figures, it made us stop and think of how fortunate we are to have a home, clothing, food, and little things
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We gave them the letter regardless of whether they donated or not.

We started by going up and down the street of a middle class neighborhood. For the most part people weren't overjoyed about donating food, but they didn't seem bothered by it either. We knocked on the door of one house and an elderly lady answered. Aimee said, "Hello we are from Bemidji State University and we are collecting food for a local homeless shelter and we were wondering if you would like to donate anything?"

The lady looked at us and said, 'hold on, I'll be right back."

We smiled and she left the doorway. A few seconds later she came back with a ten dollar bill. We had not expected to get any money and we think that showed in our faces. When she looked at us, she became worried and started questioning us about where her money would go to. We think that she believed that we were just going to pocket her money. We kept trying to reassure her that she could trust us and that if she was not sure about her donation she did not have to give it to us. One of us pointed out that our names were at the bottom of the sheet if she had any questions. We think the elderly lady really wanted to help the homeless but was concerned that the money would not get to them.

As we continued on our mission to help the homeless, we approached a rich looking house. We rang the doorbell and a middle-aged man answered. When we asked if he would like to donate any food he smiled really big and
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