Project Implementation : Adp E Recruitment Implementation Plan

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Project Implementation Plan - ADP E-Recruitment Implementation Plan The project will follow a standard software implementation strategy over the period of 12 -16 weeks with the following steps as illustrated in Appendix 1: E-Recruitment Project Gantt Chart. The project plan is broken down into these high level tasks: 1. Project planning – creation of project scope, task level schedule, resources plan and budget. 2. Resource planning - The resources necessary for this project will come from the Human Resources departments from each location, ADP Vendor provided implementation consultants, a contractor specialized in recruitment, website development and FPCA product specialists. 3. Product education and technical installation – review of all relevant Vendor material regarding the technical installation and configuration information 4. Requirements Discovery and Application Configuration – meeting with all project stakeholders to document the current and future recruiting requirements in the area of application functionality and business processes. These requirements will compare these application configuration constraints and the industry research of recruitment best practices. Application configuration will be through the creation of a prototype. Prototyping is the creation of a full functional and configured testing site. Application users will be able to see and interact with the product to provide feedback on the functionality. 5. Integration development –
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