Project Implementation Plan/Cpmgt305 Essay

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Project Implementation Plan: Part 2

Veronica Garza


May 11, 2015
James Wood

Project Implementation Paper

In a project it is very important to make sure you’re planning stages are complete and concise. Planning the project and all the steps involved can be cumbersome and seem tedious, however, when it comes to making sure the project is seen through to completion, the Project Manager has to make sure there are steps followed in order to make it to that point. One of the steps involved in making it to the end is to create the Communication plan and the Risk Analysis. The communication plan will outline all communication methods and how certain aspects should be relayed to either the team or the
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Project communications may include but are not limited to: - Deliverables Status - Schedule progress - Costs Incurred For this project, communication will be key during the implementation phase. All the teams need to be able to work together to implement the web tool. Setting up the web tool for the sales team will be instrumental to the project completing on time and successfully. The Key Stakeholders, Project Manager and executives have discussed and determined the methods for which items will be introduced and carried out through the project. The method of communication will be multiple tools: information management system, expert judgement and meetings. “An information management system provides a set of standard tools for the project manager to capture, store and distribute information to stakeholders about the project’s costs, schedule progress, and performance. Some software packages allow the project manager to consolidate reports from several systems and facilitate report distribution to the project stakeholders. Examples of distribution formats may include table reporting, spreadsheet analysis, and presentations…” (PMBOK Guide, 2013).
Preliminary Project Charter Worksheet

Instructions: Complete this project charter worksheet according to the instructions in section 4.1 of A Guide to the Project

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