Project Implementation Plan For Successful Project Management

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Project Implementation Plan
For successful project management, there is a need to have a good project implementation plan, which, is a single document that specifies the duties, dates, and who is in charge.
Human Resources Plan
The human resources plan is a device that directs the management, in detail, on the responsibilities and the roles, the acquiring of the human resources, training specialization needed, and individual time required per resource. A well planned and successful project is dependent on the correct human resources as the major component which comprises of the following:
1. Roles and Responsibilities of the Members of the Team in the Project
The responsibility is the assigned work that has to be finished within a given time frame, while the role is a detailed portion that the individual member could give accountability. To carry out the project in an efficient way, each member in the team needs to fully know their individual role and responsibility that is required. Every role and responsibility needed has to be made concisely to the team members. This also includes authority and competency. Authority has the mandate to make decisions, approvals, and utilize the project resources. Competency is about human skills possessed to deliver on the project activities.
2. Project Organizational Charts
The project organizational charts serve as the visual graphical outlook of the members of the team and their specific duties. Its major function is to depict…
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