Project Initiation Document : The Headheight Kickstarter Project

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The HeadHeight Kickstarter Project
Project Initiation Document

Executive Summary
The goal of this campaign is to gain public attention towards the HeadHeight Kickstarter project, which would ultimately result in us hitting our target funding goal of $250,000. The HeadHeight Kickstarter project is a funding project focused on funding the creation of a “revolutionary standing desk”. We will accomplish our goal by attracting a fair share of media and public attention by employing previously-approved tactics, such as social media advertising, public relations,.
A substantial portion of the budget will be allocated towards branding, to build a recognizable brand for both the campaign and for future projects that HeadHeight will develop. Because the product has a strong tie to the tech industry as a standing desk, social media would be extensively used throughout the campaign to attract new visitors to the campaign and establish a relationship with the existing ones. Media relations are set to play a substantial role in the campaign. Perhaps the most important part of the success of this project is the ability to drive initial traffic to the campaign via high-profile media outlets who have featured standing desks in the recent past. Goal
The main goal of the campaign is to reach its target funding goal of $250,000 (although the stated objective of the project will likely be £20,000). Media campaign…

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