Project Interview : Project Briefing

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PROJECT BRIEFING: INTRODUCTION The project brief is the description of the client requirements to develop the asset built area of the project. The statement describes the possible needs required for the project. Basing on this document the design of the built area is based. There are different stages in the information flow of the project briefing process. The different stages are the project brief stage and the concept design stage. The information flow goes from the clients, consultants and different stakeholders during the design development. There has be a proper co-ordination between the client and the lead consultant. The project brief should have the complete information about the site surveys, site information and site appraisals. The project brief should talk about the accommodation that exists. There has be workshops conducted with the champions in the field and there has to be panels for the users in which they describe their needs, expectations and priorities. The inputs from other stakeholders are taken and all of those inputs are discussed. There is a wider consultation process that goes on. They will be user surveys that are taken up and analysis is done basing on that. Inputs from the authorities like local authority and heritage organizations are taken up. ( The project goes through several changes from the start to finish. The changes may happen from the start the project manger may suggest few and there are contributions
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