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For the last few decades there has been a war going on, not a war of bullets or missiles but a war of ideas and control. A group of individuals wishes nothing more than to control the world’s population and resources. It all started with Project MKULTRA. Project MKULTRA was started in the 1950s by the United States Government to study the psychological states of a human in different situations and environments and whether or not a human could be programmed or controlled- it has come much farther than a few studies and experiments however, and is used today to control world politics, influence the ideology of the masses through media and controlled celebrities, produce Manchurian candidates (humans with alternate personalities designed to do…show more content…
Many of these scientists committed atrocities and war crimes, and some key scientists include Arthur Rudolph, Wernher Von Braun and Hermann Oberth. Many of these scientists worked for the military, the CIA, or started NASA. There were more projects that were studying similar areas as MKULTRA; these projects were known as BLUEBIRD, ARTICHOKE, and MONARCH. These projects along with the Nazi scientists were all combined to make Project MKULTRA (Cherif).
The reason for Project MKULTRA’s existence is the fact that the US government heard rumors of soldiers being tortured, controlled and having truth serums used on them by the Chinese and Soviet Union. The US responded to these rumors by opening up Project MKULTRA and beginning to look into whether or not these rumors were possible. The government wanted a way to control a person to use as a Manchurian candidate, and used many immoral and inhumane experiments to get to that point. One of the project’s proponent notes
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One of the subprojects was Operation Midnight Climax, in San Francisco, Marin and New York in which there were set ups to “study the effects of LSD on non-consenting individuals” (Oliver 9). Another subproject led by Dr. Ewan Cameron Allen was a set of experiments designed to “depattern” and reconstruct someone’s mind to his will. Allen would place people into a drug induced coma for up to 88 days and would shock them up to 360 times per person. The “doctor” would then put specialized helmets on individuals that was blackened and adapted for sensory deprivation. Allen would then play a recorded statement repeatedly for up to 20 hours a day; he would also keep people in isolation and sensory deprivation chambers for weeks. ”Many subprojects included the goal of a Manchurian candidate, and to reach this goal the scientists would induce trauma to the subject to help control them” (Manchurian-1). The experimenters would induce trauma in many different ways including: torture, exposure to horrible treatment methods, and some experiments went as far as children being locked in a cage and beaten and raped by monkeys, drink their own urine or feces, and raped by their own family members (Cherif 8). There was one reported experiment involving Holmesburg Prison; between 1964 and 1968, the US military paid $286,486 to 2 scientists,

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