Project Leadership, When You Started The Course? Essay

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Project Leadership (PMGT 702) Reflective Writing Assignment (Journal) Professor : Nira Sharma Submitted by :Harmit kaur 300892354 1.What assumptions did you have about the Project Leadership, when you started the course? When I started the course I was excited to learn different qualities as like leader the assumptions was there will be having some exercises to buid some leadership qualities which I did not have. I assumed that I will learn how we can motivate others and some special capability how we can develop in myself like great leaders and as I assumed I get same thing that great leaders are not born with leadership skills ,they develop that skills . 2. Described two things you learned about yourself by working on team and completing different exercises. During this course I learned many new concepts about leadership. I observed many things from my team members and I learned by observing their behavior because every person has different qualities. A person can learn in better way as a part of a team as compare to when a person do work I learn the main two things that that are listen to others and decision making from other team members as a part of a team.during team activities .in a team group members discussed different situation and do analysis of work and solve some critical issues during group discussion .the important thing in group that is to listen to others which is very important during any discussion because listen to
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