Project Life Cycle Management

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It is essential to pass all the projects through this life cycle because it assists the organization in achieving the desired goals and objectives. The first and the foremost step of a project lifecycle is the initiation stage in which the desired outcome is defined in an appropriate manner and after that, the next step of the life cycle is planning. In the planning step, the whole project is divided among a number of tasks so that they can become easier to accomplish. Once the project is planned and divided into smaller tasks, it is implemented in the next step and this step is termed as the execution step. The last stage of the project life cycle is the exit stage in which the project is completed (Amaio, 2009).
As far as project management is concerned, it is referred as the use of management process, skills and tools in a project in order to gain successful outcomes through it. In a project life cycle, management the most imperative step is the planning step because through this step a clear picture of the tasks comes into view. Beside this, it is also planned that what type of resources will be required to accomplish each task and what will be the goals of each task. After evaluation, if resources are available and…
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