Project Life Cycle

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Executive Summary ABC Technologies is a fast growing computer hardware and network re-seller in Sri Lanka. Due to the expansion in business in recent years ABC has decided to implement Sage Accpac ERP system within the organization. ERP system consultants for the project will be XYZ Solutions. This report is produced for the purpose of critically analysing the project life cycle of the ERP implementation at ABC Technologies. To begin with the ERP implementation at ABC could be called as a project when analysed against different definitions in theory. Due to the characteristics such as availability of a time, cost and resource plans. On the other hand the project is following a specific life cycle which could be defined with major…show more content…
Project Background ABC Technologies is in the business of providing computer hardware and networking solutions, in Sri Lanka. Over the years they have rapidly grown. Hence their financial and other reporting functions have become more and more complicated and the reporting requirements have become more demanding. To facilitate their work force with an efficient and effective reporting and analytical tool, ABC Technologies has decided to implement an ERP system via a local partner, XYZ Solutions. Sage Accpac ERP is a world recognised system, implemented over 500 organizations locally. System is focussed on automating the financial and operation transactions of an organisation and providing online real time financial reporting information. 1 Project Goals • Generate periodic financial reports online. • Generate customer and vendor statements and other analytical information online. • Maintain an online inventory management system. • Set authority levels in financial information access. 2 Project Scope Financial and Operation modules of Sage Accpac ERP will be implemented as per the defined solution, within the agreed confines of the project. 3 Project Deliverables • General ledger module • Vendor and Customer modules • Inventory control module • Purchasing and Sales modules Project Life Cycle Firstly when considering

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