Project Managemant

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After reading this chapter, you will be able to:
1. Understand the importance of initiating projects that add value to an organization 2. Discuss the background of ResNet at Northwest Airlines
3. Distinguish among the three major projects involved in ResNet
4. Appreciate the importance of top management support on ResNet
5. Discuss key decisions made early in the project by the project manager
6. Relate some of the early events in ResNet to concepts described in previous chapters
7. Discuss some of the major events early in the project that helped set the stage for project success ay Beauchine became Vice President of Reservations at Northwest
Airlines (NWA) in 1992. One area that had continually lost money for
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Table 12-1 lists the knowledge areas, processes, and outputs that are typically part of project initiation. Tasks often involved in the project initiation process include the completion of a stakeholder analysis and preparation of a feasibility study and an initial requirements document. The outputs or outcomes of project initiation generally include a project charter of some sort, selection of a project manager, and documentation of key project constraints and assumptions. This chapter provides background information on Northwest Airlines and ResNet and then describes the initiation tasks involved in this large information technology project. You will find in this chapter, and the following process group chapters, that real projects often do not follow all of the guidelines found in this or other texts. For example, the initiating project management process group generally only includes the process of initiation, part of project scope management, and the outputs listed in Table 12-1. The first ResNet project, the ResNet Beta or
Prototype project, included some but not all of these outputs plus several others as part of initiating and preproject planning. Many projects include groundwork that is done before they are considered to be official projects.
Every project is unique, as is every organization, every project manager, and every project team. These variations are part of what makes
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