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Project Management email OPS/571- Operations Management University of Phoenix July 10, 2013 Dear Mr. Gritsch, Our team wants to thank Piper Industries Corporate vice-president, Wendell Deirelein, for choosing our team to analyze the projects. In the attached document you will find our analysis and recommendation of the Project Proposal that benefits your company. Thank you, Project Manager Project Management Recommendation Project to be Implemented Piper Industries needs a completed project and for it to be generating review within 12 month’s of the Project Management Office’s (PMO) review (University of Phoenix, 2012). The project that fits the company’s…show more content…
Once all project tasks are complete and approved, you will finally be ready to close the project” (1). When initiating a project, you first have to gather ideas. During this time, the project team members have to meet with the project owner and gather their ideas, goals, and other details that can help the team plan proficiently. In the planning stage, schedules and tasks will be assigned to the team. Using a project-planning program such as Microsoft Project or Basecamp is extremely helpful when planning a project (Stricker, 2013). After the planning stage, follows the execution stage. This is where all team members put the projected plan to work. According to Stricker (2013), “You'll want to officially kick-off the execution stage with in-person meetings to ensure everyone has what they need to begin executing their part of the project” (4). It is important to make sure that before all team members start working, that they are all on the same page and they have all the materials needed to complete their tasks. Monitoring and controlling the project is the next step. There are a few ways to check how the project is going. One would be, daily or weekly huddles with the team to bring up any concerns or positive feedbacks. Also, dropping by periodically with the team leaders and see how the project is going. By communicating with the leaders, it will help identify where the issues are coming

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