Project Management : A Natural Leader Than A Good Manager Essay

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This work is based on the premise that stakeholders have a huge level of influence on a project and they explicitly or implicitly have a high stake on the success or failure of a project. It’s a common understanding that the success and effectiveness of a project is directly proportional to the competency of the project team. Rarely is it understood that the success or failure depends on actual contributions from multiple sources like senior management, operational and functional managers, suppliers, contractors, support teams, customers and the project sponsors. The project manager owns not only the project but also the task of having all stakeholders and dependents involved. The project manager must have a substantially broad influence circle, and their management style requires constant interaction to gain the cooperation and attention of those on whom the project depends. Precisely, the project manager must be a natural leader than a good manager.
Over 30 years ago, Zaleznik (1977) asked, “Are managers and leaders different?” He elucidated that while managerial goals arise from reactions to the past, a leader’s goals are future driven. The managerial work is an applied process which requires continuous coordination; on the other hand, leaders spawn enthusiasm at work by intensifying expectations through visions and meaning. Managers strive to maintain discipline and order, whereas leaders struggle to achieve personal mastery by

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