Project Management : A Project Manager

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Project management involves carefully organized and planned efforts channeled towards the accomplishment of a particular task. Projects encompass activities such as implementing new computer systems or constructing a new office. Projects require careful monitoring from the start to the completion. One person mandated to take charge of projects is a project manager. Project managers experience complications from project management. The challenges arise from the dynamic environment in which the managers function (Barker & Cole 2014). Project management dynamic environment consist of day-to-day operations, user community, geographically disbursed members, outsourced staff, and internally employed personnel. The dynamic environment compels a…show more content…
Project managers need to exercise their skills at this point to acquire and exert a broad range of experience. According to Schipper & Silvius (2014), project managers use influence coupled with very high interactive management technique to monitor the performance of projects. They initiate the necessary changes in the project’s direction and plans. With such changes, managers can generate trust among the stakeholders involved in the project. According to United States Labor Relations Council, effective managers need to observe some of the elements when managing projects. One of the elements includes building relationships before they need them. As a project manager needs to identify what can be done to the key players before they give their expertise in handling the project. Proper project management requires managers to evaluate projects in terms of systems to appreciate how other agendas and activities influence activities both outside and inside an organization.

Effective project managers need to build trust based on face-to-face interaction with the various stakeholders involved in running particular projects. Empirical studies based on organizational performance assert that trust created between a manager and interested parties in the project wither with time. Project management is prone to consistent and rapid changes including uncertainties, which engender
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