Project Management : A Relatively New Wave Of Management Essay

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1 Introduction
Currently, the project management is a relatively new wave of management, which takes active positions in solving problems. Effective project management allows the company to plan properly and successfully implement projects, optimizing the investment of time, money and human resources and to ensure a high quality of end products and services. Using the principles and methods of project management enables an organization to achieve business competitive advantages and improve the effectiveness of its activities.
Conforming to Bakouros, Project management is an activity area in which are defined and achieved clear project objectives while balancing between the work volume, required resources, possible risks and quality (Bakouros, 2000).
Selected project management approach
There is no perfect project management approach that is suitable for each type of projects. Also, there is no approach that would fit every employee and was comfortable for all team members. However, during the lifetime of the project management was established many effective methods and approaches that can be effectively deployed. For this time, one of the most popular and effective approaches is Agile Project Management. This research report considers Agile Project Management methodologies and its impact on business sectors.
Business areas of application Agile approach
To date, there are a huge number of papers where are explained the advantages of Agile approach for IT area, namely

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