Project Management : A Solid Change Management Plan

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In project management, a solid change management plan must always be in place. Developing the plan will assist in properly tackling the changes that may ascend during the project with the two important components: scope and scheduling risks.
The scope statement prepared prior to the project, focuses on the goals, the deliverables, and requirements. The three elements jointly have a role in the scope statement which will document the work and the structure of the project. The goals should target to be realistic, cost and quality measures, and have a time element. Having goals in place will determine the “what” of the entire project. The deliverables can be tangible, intangible, measured, or easily verified. Furthermore, it may involve good and services that can be provided to complete the project. As for requirements, it focuses on the specification of the deliverables. They describe the characteristics of the deliverables and may include elements such as dimension, ease of use, color, ingredients, and so on. (Heldman, 96).
In simulation D, the Senior Management of Delphi Printers & Peripherals, requested a project to be completed based on their expectations which incorporates their analysis of the competitive situation and their market objectives for the new printer. As I focus on the scope statement, the goals are to complete a multifunctional printer in 12 weeks with a budget of $40,000. The deliverables are meetings to deliver any information, and the design of the…
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