Project Management : A Unique Product Or Service

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Web Project Management
A project is a temporary endeavour to create a unique product or service (Wikipedia contributors 2015). When this comes to IT we can define it as software enhancement or new software product, hardware improvements or fine tuning any process involved in an IT industry which can save time, money and avoid risk. Project management is the process and application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to different project activities so as to deliver project with all requirements expected by customer or client on expected time (What is Project Management? | Project Management Institute, 2014). Some of the activities that are involved in project management are
 Planning
 Organizing
 Budgeting
 Motivating and
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Difference also lies between the expectation and situations that typically present. Main difficulty lies in web projects where client tend to change project expectation and project manager need to adapt the changes and deliver if possible within actual time (Thomas-Shelford, J, Gregory-Remillard, A, 2002). The main factors for any project management should be managing internal and external conflicts and providing motivation and leader ships to team. Web Project manager should be with knowledge of every discipline so as to be familiar with his/her team expectations and client requirement. The main challenges faced by any project manager are budget, scope, time, quality and to efficiently allocate resources and other inputs in order to achieve targets (Thomas-Shelford, J, Gregory-Remillard, A, 2002).
There are many techniques used to manage all project activities some of them are:
 The traditional approach
 Critical chain project management
 Process-based management
 Agile project management
 Lean project management
 Extreme project management
 Benefits realization management (Wikipedia Contributors, 2015).
A traditional approach got a sequence of steps and cannot come back once done with sequence steps. Waterfall model is similar to this when we discuss traditional approach in software industry (Winston W. Royce, 1970). There is no need for all the projects to follow all steps in sequence. Some projects can skip some steps or can perform
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